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My name is Kim and I'm a Connecticut based portrait photographer.

Why did I start taking photos? I first fell in love with photography in 2012 when I picked up a film camera for a class in college. As soon as the semester ended I bought my first DSLR and soon enough Laurel Coast Photography was made.  The name?  Laurel is the street I grew up on and Connecticut's state plant.  Coast is because I've lived somewhere along the coast of Long Island Sound my entire life.

What keeps me going?How often do you look back through photos and realize you don't have many with your whole family together? Growing up I remember going to a mall to get pictures done every year.  Now in 2021 photos are taken more often, but the quality can sometimes lack and it's not as special as it used to be. I realized this myself looking through my own personal photos.  I knew I can be that person for someone.  To help them capture their memories to hold and cherish for years to come.

So treat yourself! Get everyone in a cute outfit, make a fun day out of it, and you'll end up with some beautiful memories.

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I love being out in nature as often as I can and working with people all around Connecticut and New England gives me an opportunity to check out new places or return to familiar spots with a new eye each time. Plus, we get the different seasons making every session unique and fun. If you’re not sure where to go I’ll work with you to find a perfect location.

Are you more of a homebody?  We can also do a session at your home! Not only do you not have to worry about leaving to go anywhere, but you’ll be around your own surroundings and can get cozy pictures where everyone is comfortable.

When I'm not taking portraits I'm out in nature taking wildlife photos with my fiancé.  We have a blog sharing our trips called These Trails We Travel if you want to see another side to my photography.

Interested in booking a session?  Click the Contact page and I'll be in touch.  You can also email me directly at laurelcoast@gmail.com

-Kim Hawley

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